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Workshop Program posted

MICCAI 2011 Workshop on Multi-Atlas Labeling and Statistical Fusion

NOTICE Submission Deadline EXTENDED: Monday June 6th, 2011

NOTICE (8/2/2011): We have had a very strong response during the early registration period. Please note that space is limited. Please register soon if you plan to attend.

Characterization of anatomical structure through segmentation has become essential for morphological assessment and localizing quantitative measures. Yet, determining consistent and valid segmentations remains a challenging technical and research objective. Manual labeling paradigms are time consuming and limited by inter- and intra-expert variability, while appearance modeling approaches are difficult to generalize and susceptible to variations in image acquisition parameters and the artifacts.

Segmentation through registration and atlas label transfer has proven to be a flexible and fruitful approach as efficient non-rigid image registration methods have become prevalent. Label transfer segmentation using multiple atlases has helped to bring statistical fusion, shape modeling, and meta-analysis techniques to the forefront of segmentation research. New innovations at each stage of analysis, from atlas creation, atlas selection/rejection, registration, fusion, modeling, and meta-analysis will be essential for continued success and translation into the clinic. The workshop will provide a snapshot of the current progress in the field.


Multi-atlas techniques are increasingly becoming integral to numerous medical image computing approaches and for diverse anatomical regions. The proposed workshop will present a forum to discuss recent advances from multiple perspectives. Topics of interests include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-atlas registration
  • Statistical methods for label fusion
  • Theory and applications with discrete, continuous, or non-traditional label types
  • Manifolds theory and applications for voxel, volume, surface, or non-traditional multi-atlas representations
  • Atlas design, selection, and exclusion
  • Multi-atlas informed and augmented approaches, including shape modeling
  • Applications of multi-atlas methods for segmentation and labeling
  • Visualization and hypothesis exploration approaches using multi-atlases

Paper Submission

Contact Persons

  • Bennett Landman [1]
  • Simon Warfield [2]
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